How to Promote Your Music in 2023: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Bas Zuidwijk
April 2, 2024
12 minutes

High Quality Music

The foundation of good music promotion is having high quality songs and recordings. Spend time honing your craft and developing a unique sound. Get feedback from objective listeners before releasing music publicly.


  • Record in a professional studio with an experienced producer/engineer if possible
  • Take time to write and arrange compelling songs
  • Learn music production techniques like EQ, compression, panning
  • Hire mixing/mastering engineers to polish recordings
  • Be objective when evaluating your music

Artist Branding

Creating a cohesive brand builds fan engagement and loyalty. This goes beyond just your music to encompass your image, style, personality, and story.

  • Visual branding: Consider visual elements like your logo, color palette, fonts, and merch designs. Create striking visual assets that express your vibe.
  • Musical identity: Let your musical style, influences, and sound shine through consistently across releases and projects.
  • Personality: Showcase your unique personality and interests beyond music. Let fans get to know the real you.
  • Storytelling: Share your origin story, creative process, struggles and triumphs. Build an emotional connection.


  • Hire designers to craft professional logos, merch, websites, marketing materials (unless you can do it yourself of course)
  • Maintain consistent branding and style across platforms
  • Express your authentic self online and in interviews
  • Share personal anecdotes, memories, and goals with fans
  • Partner with a skilled photographer to convey your image
  • Collaborate with visual artists and videographers to expand your creative vision

Having cohesive branding that fans can recognize and identify with will strengthen their emotional connection and investment in your career.

Press Kit

A professional press kit with bio, photos, logos, releases, and contacts helps get the attention of music media, bloggers, venues, and industry pros.


  • Write engaging, descriptive bios highlighting your style, achievements, personality
  • Include high-res photos showing you performing, creative shots, etc.
  • Have multiple logo variations - color/black & white; small/large
  • List discography, press quotes, awards, chart placements
  • Provide booking/contact info for press and professionals

Public Relations

Earning press coverage raises your profile and credibility. Seek opportunities with music blogs, local news outlets, culture websites, industry magazines, radio, TV, podcasts.


  • Research media outlets and tailor pitches specifically for each
  • Craft engaging, targeted press releases with multimedia
  • Time announcements and releases for maximum exposure
  • Send personalized follow-ups if no initial response
  • Build relationships with journalists and editors

"Public relations is critical for amplifying your message." - Lucia Mudri, Collabhouse
"Don't blanket blast every media contact. Customize each pitch." - Bas Zuidwijk, Collabhouse

Professional Website

A polished website hub offers content like bio, photos, releases, videos, events, merch store, and mailing list sign-up.


  • Register a clean, memorable domain name
  • Use striking visuals and branding throughout
  • Make navigation simple and calls-to-action clear
  • Optimize site speed and mobile responsiveness
  • Update content frequently

Email Marketing

Email newsletters and updates convert fans and drive sales better than social media. Offer exclusive content to subscribers as incentive. Services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or ConvertKit can help you with that.


  • Offer giveaways, exclusive content, pre-sales, etc. for subscribers
  • Avoid over-promotional language, prioritize engagement
  • Segment lists by demographics, interests, activity
  • Personalize subject lines and content
  • A/B test different calls to action, layouts, content

Social Media

Promoting music across all major platforms expands reach. Post multimedia content daily/weekly and engage with followers.

Key Platforms:

  • Facebook - Great for photos, videos, events, Live, groups
  • Instagram - Visual lifestyle content. Use Stories and Reels
  • Twitter - Share commentary, news, conversations
  • TikTok - Trending short videos. Use and remix viral sounds, and promote your own music
  • YouTube - Official music videos, behind the scenes, vlogs. Repost your Reels and TikTok videos as Shorts


  • Post high-quality photos, interesting videos, Stories
  • Engage consistently with comments and messages
  • Use relevant hashtags and location tags
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche
  • Advertise strategically with paid boosts
  • Analyze data and refine approaches over time


Unique merch like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters, jewelry, and more offers additional revenue streams and strengthens your brand identity.


  • Sell merch at shows, online store, third party platforms
  • Offer limited edition items or special packages
  • Integrate branding into designs and products
  • Use quality manufacturing and materials

Music Videos

Creative music videos drive streaming numbers and social engagement. Work with talented directors and cinematographers within your budget. For DIY and in-between releases, creating short videos optimized for platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts is more affordable.


  • Film in visually interesting locations related to the song
  • Get creative with lighting, locations, and camera angles
  • Develop unique concepts beyond just performance footage
  • Drop surprise lyric videos before official release
  • Promote videos heavily upon launch across all platforms
  • Film short 9:16 vertical videos on your phone to share on social
  • Post behind-the-scenes vlogs and clips to give fans a peek
  • Save full music videos for singles you want to highlight

Live Shows/Touring

Performing live is essential for building audiences and selling music/merch. Reach fans directly and create memorable experiences.


  • Play strategic venues that match your crowd size and genre
  • Support tours for artists with shared fanbases
  • Plan local mini-tours with overlapping date ranges
  • Collaborate with other acts for special shows
  • Document shows with pro-shot photos, videos, recordings
  • Advertise shows heavily on all platforms

Streaming Platforms

Major services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, TikTok and more comprise most listening now. Optimize your presence by providing assets like bio, photos, marketing plans. Pitch curated playlists aligned with your music style.


  • Claim official artist profiles on all major platforms
  • Share new releases across your social channels
  • Ask fans to add songs to personal playlists
  • Collaborate with playlist curators and submit music
  • Analyze streaming analytics data regularly

Playlist Placements

Getting songs added to popular Spotify and Apple Music playlists supercharges discovery and streams. Study relevant mood/genre lists and pitch professionally.


  • Target playlists that fit your sound with data-driven pitching
  • Build relationships with influential curators
  • Provide compelling pitches showing playlist/artist alignment
  • Time pitches and releases to match playlist schedules
  • Ensure high-quality recordings and metadata


Making connections within the industry and fan community strengthens your ecosystem of support and opportunities. Attend concerts, festivals, industry events. Follow up.


  • Talk to fans after shows, engage with comments online
  • Share support and collaborate with fellow musicians
  • Meet venue owners, bloggers, radio DJs, press
  • Attend industry conferences and networking events
  • Collect email contacts and connect on social media


Working creatively with other artists exposes you to new audiences while learning new skills. Collaborate both online and in-person.


  • Feature/co-write songs with artists in related genres
  • Join multi-artist tours and festival lineups
  • Film videos featuring special collaborators
  • Co-promote content and events across social channels
  • Cross-promote merch at shows and online stores

Music Distribution

Use Collabhouse to get your songs onto 50+ streaming platforms, stores, and services. This maximizes potential listeners and availability.


  • Upload your tracks and leverage Collabhouse to distribute
  • Provide high quality audio files, artwork and metadata
  • Request a pre-save link and promote it on social media
  • Claim your official artist profiles on streaming services
  • Add the tracks to your artist profiles before wide release
  • Monitor analytics to identify top streaming sources

Collabhouse makes it easy and affordable to distribute your music widely so more fans can listen on their preferred platforms.

Radio Promotion

Terrestrial/traditional radio airplay remains influential despite streaming's rise. Hire professional radio promoters or work directly with local DJs/stations.


  • Send new releases to radio programmers well in advance
  • Ask local or college radio DJs to spin your songs
  • Book interviews on niche radio shows
  • Organize station visits when you're touring nearby

Data Analysis

Analyzing streaming, sales, and social metrics identifies what's working and where improvements are needed. Refine based on concrete data.

Key Metrics:

  • Sales revenue – Collabhouse Music Library, merch, downloads
  • Streams by song and source
  • Audience demographics - age, gender, location
  • Listener retention rate
  • Social media followers, engagement rate
  • Email clickthrough and conversion rates
  • Website traffic


  • Use analytics platforms like Spotify for Artists and Collabhouse’s own dashboard
  • Study data from distributors and mailing services
  • A/B test merch designs, marketing messages
  • Correlate activities to spikes and dips in metrics

Sponsorships & Endorsements

Partnerships with relevant brands offer exposure, equipment, cash, cross-promotion, and more. Approach sympathetic companies you authentically use and align with. Even micro-influencers with engaged niche audiences can attract sponsors.


  • Compile stats showing your audience size and demographics
  • Highlight successful collaborations and campaigns
  • Offer custom creative ideas tailored to partner brands
  • Start small by bartering equipment/services for promotion

Paid Ads

Small paid boosts help reach wider audiences amidst crowded social feeds. Experiment with budget-friendly promotions on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and more. Target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors.


  • Promote content launches, events, merchandise
  • Test conversion-optimized ads to mailing lists
  • Retarget people who viewed your content or webpage
  • Track impressions, clicks, conversions to gauge ROI

Influencer Marketing

32% of consumers find new music through social media. Use Collabhouse's Collab Market to connect with influencers and reach new audiences.


  • Vet influencers to ensure their content and audience aligns with your music
  • Prioritize influencers with highly engaged followers in your target demographic
  • Negotiate deals based on audience size and campaign type
  • Set clear expectations for post types, tags, captions, visuals
  • Analyze streaming metrics to quantify campaign impact

Strategically leveraging influencer marketing through Collabhouse's Collab Market can expand your reach and expose your music to new targeted audiences.

Music NFTs

NFTs present new fan engagement opportunities. Create royalty-split music NFTs easily with Collabhouse.


  • Promote your NFT drops heavily on social media leading up to release
  • Offer giveaways or special perks for early buyers
  • Engage niche crypto/NFT communities and influencers
  • Incentivize existing fans to become NFT holders
  • Consider limited edition releases with scarcity
  • Add utility by offering livestream access, merch, etc.

Strategically marketing your music NFTs helps drive interest, sales, and royalties from invested fans.

Sync Licensing

Licensing your music for TV, film, ads, games and more provides royalties and new exposure. Use Collabhouse to access sync licensing deals.


  • Create instrumental mixes of your tracks specifically for licensing
  • Write music in popular styles and moods for increased brief alignment
  • Research current trends in licensing to inform your production approach
  • Promote your sync placements on social media after they air
  • Join music licensing societies like ASCAP and BMI to collect public performance royalties
  • Consult with Collabhouse's team to refine your licensing strategy

Taking a strategic approach to production and promotion will help maximize your sync licensing opportunities and income through Collabhouse.

So there you have it - a comprehensive roadmap of strategies and tactics to expand your audience and build a sustainable music career in today's digital landscape. While it requires consistent effort across many fronts, each small step compounds. With laser focus, creativity, and patience, you can go from unknown artist to engaged fanbase. The future of the music industry is yours for the taking.

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