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Get unlimited access to our music catalog for your videos, streams and podcasts. Our license comes with all necessary rights included.

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Discover and license quality music for your creative projects without breaking the bank. Collabhouse offers a diverse selection of fully cleared tracks, including free licenses, so you can find the perfect soundtrack within your budget.

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Create with confidence using Collabhouse's Music Library. All tracks come pre-cleared for worldwide use, eliminating legal complexities and restrictions. Focus on your creativity, and let us handle the rest.

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You can quickly and easily find your track through our music library, which utilizes AI-powered search filters, or let yourself be inspired by our advanced recommendation engine.

The perfect soundtrack for every story

When you choose Collabhouse for your soundtracking needs, you can rest assured that your content is protected from copyright claims, no matter where it is used.

Music licensing made easy

Find and license the perfect soundtrack for your next campaign. Dive into the Music Library and discover and license music directly from artist. For every type of project and budget, all rights cleared worldwide.

10K + full cleared tracks in all genres ready for use

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Instant music licenses for every campaign

Elevate your content with original music crafted exclusively for your vision. In Collab Market, music makers work hand in hand with content creators to compose the perfect soundscapes for your videos, podcasts, and multimedia projects.

AI-powered music search

Use our elaborate AI-powered search filters to help you discover that perfect track. Search on genre, mood, key and even keywords or budget.

Get unlimited access to thousands of tracks and artists

Explore a world of limitless potential with our expansive Music Library, featuring over 30,000 tracks from a diverse array of artists. Elevate your marketing campaign to new heights with the perfect soundtrack.

"I love that you can set your own pricing for sync licensing music. It's flexible, quick and without any middlemen. I can now reach millions of fans."

Davis Mallory


"Collabhouse has been a game-changer for my music career. Collaborating with influencers and creators has been a pivotal experience. Thank you, Collabhouse, for being the bridge to my success!"

Omid Khalvati

Prisma Music Group

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