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The Collab Market is a next-generation social marketplace that streamlines the collaboration between Music Makers and influencers, facilitating seamless music promotion on social media.

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Over 30,000 independent artists use Collabhouse services to get their music in YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok videos. Join the Collabhouse community!

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The Collab Market is the place where influencers and Music Makers collaborate and combine their talents to grow their exposure and earnings. Browse the Collab Market to find your match and manage your own social media campaigns to promote music and reach new audiences.

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You can determine your own campaign fee and set a fixed fee or opt for a royalty split. Our Collab Market features Music Makers and influencers in all shapes and sizes and a direction connection to any of them is at your fingertips. Regardless of the stage your career is in, you can kick start your journey towards further growth with Collabhouse.

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Enjoy unlimited distribution, connect and collab with influencers, get your music into games and bring your fan-engagement to the next level with Collabhouse.

"I love that you can set your own pricing for sync licensing music. It's flexible, quick and without any middlemen. I can now reach millions of fans."

Davis Mallory


"Collabhouse has been a game-changer for my music career. Collaborating with influencers and creators has been a pivotal experience. Thank you, Collabhouse, for being the bridge to my success!"

Omid Khalvati

Prisma Music Group

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