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Support and invest in music you really love and earn royalties alongside your favorite artist. Help boost exposure and share success.

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For every fan and budget

Discover and license quality music for your creative projects without breaking the bank. Collabhouse offers a diverse selection of fully cleared tracks, including free licenses, so you can find the perfect soundtrack within your budget.

Royalty NFTs for every budget

Create with confidence using Collabhouse's Music Library. All tracks come pre-cleared for worldwide use, eliminating legal complexities and restrictions. Focus on your creativity, and let us handle the rest.

No crypto currency needed

You can quickly and easily find your track through our music library, which utilizes AI-powered search filters, or let yourself be inspired by our advanced recommendation engine.

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Invest in music you love

Buy and collect Collabhouse Royalty Split NFTs and earn royalties alongside your favourite artists. Claim a share of a track's royalties whenever it is streamed. Actively promote your track and watch your NFT royalties grow.

NFTs available from as low as €10,-

No crypto needed - pay with PayPal, bank- or creditcard

Use your crypto-wallet of choice

Reach new audiences and grow together!

How to create an NFT drop

Tap into a new royalty stream and allow your fans to support you and participate in your success by selling royalty split NFTs. Grow and share success together.


Select a track

Select a track, the percentage of your future Collabhouse distribution royalties you want to sell together with the number of NFTs you want to create and set your sales price.


Track your performance

Double check your NFT drop settings, create your NFT Drop and your NFTs will automatically appear in the NFT Market.


Get paid

Promote your Music NFT and get paid.

Collecting Royalty Split NFTs made easy

Operating on the Polygon blockchain, Collabhouse's NFT Market is an easy-to-use and safe marketplace for fans to invest in music, view their NFTs, track how their tracks are performing and claim their royalties. Royalty split NFTs are available from €10,- and can be traded on secondary marketplaces.

Get unlimited access to over thousands of music NFTs

Buy and collect Collabhouse Royalty Split NFTs and earn royalties alongside your favourite artists.

"I love that you can set your own pricing for sync licensing music. It's flexible, quick and without any middlemen. I can now reach millions of fans."

Davis Mallory


"Collabhouse has been a game-changer for my music career. Collaborating with influencers and creators has been a pivotal experience. Thank you, Collabhouse, for being the bridge to my success!"

Omid Khalvati

Prisma Music Group

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