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Grow your music's exposure and earnings with Collabhouse.  Connect with content creators and influencers directly and (sync) license and promote your music on your own terms.

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Fast and easy worldwide distribution

Distribute your music to 65+ music services and social media platforms worldwide to ensure your music is to everyone available.

Set up campaigns with influencers

Connect with influencers all over the world in the Collab market and propose, set up and manage marketing campaigns for your releases with influencers directly. Tap into new fanbases, boost your Spotify streams and grow your earnings.

Get (micro) sync placements

Offer your catalogue for sync licensing directly to content creators and get sync placements on your own terms. Grow your revenue and exposure with our Music Library.

Your music available everywhere

Collabhouse is a one-stop-shop for music makers to distribute, promote and sell music licenses directly to content creators on their own terms.

Connect your favorite apps

Get your music placed in ads, games and apps

Make available your catalogue for sync licensing directly to content creators and brands. Get your music placed in games, ads and more and grow your catalogue's exposure and earnings on your own terms.


Set your own license terms and fees

Also for backcatalog and music already distributed

Clear rights directly from other rightsholders with our publishing clearance tool

For new releases and back catalogue

Collab with influencers to promote your music

Music discovery nowadays happens on social media. Collab with influencers to promote your music and reach new audiences. Browse the Collab Market and discover more than 1k influencers. Propose, negotiate, receive and manage campaigns for your releases directly with influencers on your own terms.

Distribute to 65+ music services worldwide

Distribute your catalogue to more than 65 music and social media platforms worldwide, access real time statistics to track how your catalogue perform. Choose from various price models and enjoy fast and complete distribution, our professional support team without any hidden fees or restrictions.

Realtime statistics to track performance

Split royalties directly with artists and other rightsholders

Create unlimited artists and bring your own label names

Bring your own ISRCs and UPC

Case studies
"BEAUZ released two hit singles, "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and "Lick It" through Collabhouse, achieving significant success on Spotify and TikTok. Inspired by Kylie Minogue's iconic song and delivering a unique hard dance experience, these tracks have captivated a global audience, amassing millions of views and creations, with a combined stream count exceeding a million.





8 weeks


Case studies
Mia Nicolai
"Emerging pop artist Mia Nicolai used Collabhouse to boost her single "Loop" with our network of engaged TikTok influencers. The result: a significant surge in streams and visibility. Discover the power of influencer collaborations as we take you on a musical journey that captivated audiences worldwide."





4 weeks


Case studies
Oliver Sullivan
"Oliver Sullivan used Collabhouse to distribute and promote single releases like 'Summer on Me' and 'High Above'. Through our Collab Market, Oliver could connect directly with TikTok influencers and secure organic promotion partnerships. His tracks are also featured in numerous Spotify playlists with the help of Collabhouse, propelling exposure for his music and expanding his fanbase in the release rollout."





4 weeks


Get unlimited access to thousands of influencers

Enjoy unlimited distribution, connect and collab with influencers, get your music into games and bring your fan-engagement to the next level with Collabhouse.

"I love that you can set your own pricing for sync licensing music. It's flexible, quick and without any middlemen. I can now reach millions of fans."

Davis Mallory


"Collabhouse has been a game-changer for my music career. Collaborating with influencers and creators has been a pivotal experience. Thank you, Collabhouse, for being the bridge to my success!"

Omid Khalvati

Prisma Music Group

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