Collabhouse Partners with Triller's Fangage to Empower Artist-Fan Connections

Bas Zuidwijk
April 2, 2024
2 minutes

Collabhouse has joined forces with Fangage, the fan engagement platform owned by the popular social media app Triller. This strategic partnership will provide Collabhouse's community of music with powerful new tools to expand their reach and cultivate deeper connections with audiences.

Artists on Collabhouse can now build dedicated websites where fans can access exclusive content, experiences and opportunities for direct engagement in exchange for data like email addresses and social follows. This allows creators to effectively nurture and monetize their fan relationships in innovative ways.

"We're breaking barriers and empowering artists to connect with fans without limitations from social media platforms," stated the companies' leadership. "Say goodbye to gatekeepers and algorithms holding you back from your full potential."

This partnership exemplifies our commitment to offering a comprehensive ecosystem that equips the creative community with the capabilities to distribute, promote, monetize and now directly engage their audiences through platforms like Triller's Fangage.

To explore the benefits of this collaboration, visit and Unleash unprecedented opportunities and elevate your artistic journey today!

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