Collabhouse launches new chat feature

April 2, 2024
2 minutes

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new chat feature on the Collab Market, designed to give music makers and content creators a more direct way to connect. As our community of collaborators and creators grows, facilitating introductions and communication becomes more crucial.

With chat, music makers can start a conversation directly with influencers they would like to work with to promote a song. Content creators can also initiate chats with musicians whose work they admire.

Whether discussing the possiblity of featuring a song in a YouTube video or negotiating a licensing deal, chat allows more immediate and agile communication to get the ball rolling faster on projects. We believe this will lead to more collaborations happening on our platform.

This feature has been one of our community's most-requested for facilitating networking and partnerships. So we're pleased to deliver that enhanced ability to directly connect, brainstorm, negotiate, and bring creative visions to life through partnerships made on Collabhouse.

We can't wait to see all the chats, collabs, and creations that come out of our users putting this new feature to work! Be sure to check out this latest feature or create an account to start chatting today.

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