Collabhouse Creator News Update #1

Bas Zuidwijk
April 2, 2024
2 minutes


  • TikTok launched AI-generated content labeling to help creators proactively disclose this type of content. The "AI-generated content" toggle in upload settings can prevent accidental removals.
  • TikTok is testing integrating podcasts by letting users share podcast links through RSS feeds. This opens a new content distribution avenue for podcasters.
  • An American Idol-style live streaming music competition called "Gimme the Mic" is launching. It incorporates real-time fan voting, capitalizing on TikTok's interactivity.
  • The new Creator Center beta features improved analytics and usability like desktop access and a streamlined interface.


  • Instagram expanded Reels API capabilities for social media management platforms. New options include publishing Reels and adding music.
  • Carousel posts can now include music, boosting multimedia engagement.
  • Collabs allow creators to co-author both posts and Reels with up to three friends for interactive content.
  • The Add Yours sticker lets creators prompt followers to participate in viral challenges within Reels.
  • Group tags in Stories and post share counts are being tested. Instagram is also developing a separate feed with only verified accounts.


  • YouTube launched a new metric for creators to see the number of new and returning viewers. This provides more insight into audience growth.
  • Channel descriptions now support up to 14 links for promoting associated content.
  • Interlinking Shorts and long-form videos aims to drive traffic between the two formats.
  • However, clickable links were removed from Shorts due to misuse.
  • Viewer personalization efforts include not recommending videos when watch history is off and a metric for new versus returning viewers.

Staying up-to-date allows you to maximize new features and adapt approaches early on. Would you like to see more of these updates, are there other platforms we should cover, or should we perhaps do a segment on apps frequently used by creators? Then please give us a follow on our TikTok or Instagram account and let us know!

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