Collab Market enhancements streamline artist promotions

April 2, 2024
5 minutes

We’re excited to announce several new enhancements to our Collab Market, simplifying the collaboration process for smoother influencer campaigns.

New Collaboration Flow

Based on user feedback, we've implemented a refined 5-step workflow:

Step 1: Proposal acceptance with agreed terms. 
Step 2: Payment of the content creator by the artist. 
Step 3: Content draft upload. 
Step 4: Artist feedback and approval. 
Step 5: Final video posting.

How We Listened to You

These process upgrades directly reflect user suggestions, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the Collab Market experience. We'll continue refining our features to enable frictionless artist-influencer collaborations. We greatly value our creative community here at Collabhouse. These updates represent our continued efforts to evolve the platform experience based directly on user input. Have suggestions? Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid as a Content Creator?

Since you have the flexibility to negotiate your fee with Music Makers on the Collab Market, the amount you can charge for a post is up to you!

How can I discover new Music Makers and music on Collabhouse? 

Start with opening the Collab Market and filter on the ‘Music Maker’ role. We have already selected the best artists for you under the ‘Most popular’ sorting option. Open a Music Maker profile, click ‘Propose collab’, and select the song you’d like to listen to. 

What types of music can I find on Collabhouse? 

We offer a wide variety of music spanning across different genres and moods. You can find tracks suitable for any type of content.

How can I listen to the songs of a Music Maker I want to collaborate with? 

Open a Music Maker profile, click ‘Propose collab’ (don’t worry, the proposal is not sent automatically if you click this button), and select the song you’d like to listen to. 

Can I propose collaborations after selecting a song in the Music Library? 

The Music Library and the Collab Market are not directly linked on the platform, so you should always discover music for collaborations on the Collab Market. If you found a great song in the Music Library, go to the Collab Market, sort the Music Maker profiles by alphabetical order, and check if the artist of your favorite song is available for collaboration. If so, you will find their music after clicking ‘Propose collab.’ 

I have questions about the collaboration. How can I contact the Music Maker? 

You can send direct messages to other users via the chat function. Look for the chat icon in the upper right corner, and discuss the collaboration details. 

I contacted a user I’d like to collaborate with, via chat. Do I have to send a collaboration proposal if we’ve already discussed everything? 

Yes! Chat messages are not the same as collab proposals. Both of you have to accept the proposal to start working together. 

Is there a limit on the number of collaborations? 

There’s no limit, feel free to collaborate as much as you’d like!

Can I as a Music Maker collaborate with other Music Makers on Collabhouse?

Collabhouse is a platform for collaborations between Music Makers and Content Creators, facilitating music promotion on social media. Collaboration between Music Makers is not possible at the moment. 

Why do I see a duplicated collaboration option on another user’s profile? 

If you see two collaboration sections on someone’s profile, it means that the user is featured on the Collab Market as a Music Maker AND a Content Creator. If you are a Music Maker, click ‘Let username promote your music’; if you are a Content Creator, click ‘Promote username’s music.’ 

What is the difference between a fixed fee and a royalty-split collaboration? 

A fixed fee is a one-time fee paid by the Music Maker directly to a Content Creator in exchange for the collab. A royalty split collab includes a percentage of the distribution royalties earned by the track the Content Creator is promoting through Collabhouse. Distribution royalties are royalties earned by streaming the track on Music Services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Track royalty splits are paid out during the period agreed as part of your collab. The minimum period for receiving a royalty split as part of a collab is 3 months. Collab royalty splits are paid out monthly, usually towards the end of each month.

How can I share the TikTok/Instagram sound of my music with the Content Creator? 

You have two options to share the sound of the song, if it’s already available on TikTok and/or Instagram: 1) Include it in your collab proposal’s “Personal message” or “Describe your expectations of the post” sections. 2) Send it to the Content Creator via the chat function. 

How should I add the music to my video? 

If the Music Maker hasn’t shared the link to the sound with you yet, ask them to do so via the chat function, and/or check the social media platform’s music library. If the sound is not available yet, download the audio file from the collaboration proposal, and upload it to your video including the artist name and track title in the sound name. 

Do I have to tag the Music Maker? 

Tagging the Music Maker in the post is not a requirement, but a much-appreciated thing to do when collaborating with someone. However, the artist’s name must be featured in the sound name. Please don’t use the music as “Original sound – your username”.

The draft or live content link doesn’t work. What can I do? 

If you are unable to open the draft content link, send feedback about the issue to the Content Creator. If you have already approved the draft, but the link to the live post doesn't work, check the Content Creator’s social media profile, whether they’ve posted the video. If you are still unable to find it, please contact the Content Creator via chat. 

How much time does it take for Music Makers to pay? 

The Music Maker has to pay after accepting the collab proposal, and before the content live date. Otherwise, the collab proposal expires on content live day.

Why is there now a pre-payment requirement?
To increase campaign reliability for all users. Upfront payments create mutual accountability.

What if I don't approve the initial content draft?
No worries! Influencers will iterate based on your feedback until you’re fully satisfied.

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