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Can I monetize my video containing a Music Library track?

Yes, you can monetize the visual component on the video, not the audio part.

Can I edit a track I licensed from the Music Library?

Yes, you can edit a track you licensed from the Music Library. However, the editing is meant for track length adjustment purposes only.

Can I remix a track I licensed from the Music Library?

No, you are not allowed to remix a track you licensed from the Music Library. You are allowed to cut and edit the track to have it fit the content you wish to use it in.

How long can I use music I licensed from the Music Library?

You can use tracks you licensed from the Music Library in your project for the duration of the License Term you selected while obtaining your license. When you license a track from the Music Library, you can select for what period you want to obtain the license:

  • 1 year license,
  • 3 year license
  • perpetual license

You can find the License Term of your Music Library license on your license receipt or in the ‘ML Licenses’ section of your ‘My Collabhouse’ menu.

How many different entities can use or reuse a license?

Any sync license you purchase from the Music Library is connected to the Collabhouse user account used during the transaction and cannot be transferred by the buyer to a third party. Whenever another party, for example, a brand wishes to reuse the content you have created with the synced song, the brand would need to first purchase a new sync license for the same track.

How many times can I use a track I licensed from the Music Library?

The Licenses are meant to be used for one project only. It is a one-time license and can only be used by the entity who purchased the license. No transfer is permitted. Anytime you would wish to reuse the same track for another project, you would need to purchase a new sync license.

How much does it cost to license a track from the Music Library?

The Music Library offers both free and paid licenses. For each track in the Music Library an overview is provided of the types of projects it can be licensed for together with an indication of their license fees. The license fee for a track is determined by the license base price determined by the artist or owner of the track in combination with the project type, license term and track length selected by you. The exact license fee for your project is automatically calculated after selecting the type of project, license term and track length.

How do I use music I've licensed from the Music Library?

Tracks you license from the Music Library can only be used and synchronized in the Content Type and during the term you specified when obtaining the license. Each license allows you to use the track in just one project. If you want to use a track in several types of content (i.e. in a Facebook post and in your podcast), you need to obtain multiple licenses. When using a track from the Music Library please do not forget to credit the artist(s).

How do I license music from the Music Library?

To Find and select the perfect track you want to license from the Music Library, you can use multiple filters at the left side of the Music Library page to narrow down your search. You are able to select a wide range of search parameters like, for example,  Content type, Licence fee, Genre, Mood and also opt to use the Advanced search tool.

If you find a track that is an ideal match for your project, you can first see whether the track is within your budget and available for the type of content you are working on. To obtain a license you first click on “License this track”, select the type of project you wish to use the track in, together with the required track length and license term. You are also asked to provide a short description of your project. After providing the required information, your license fee is calculated automatically and you can obtain the license. Payment is processed via PayPal, and you can use your PayPal account, debit or credit card. After obtaining a license, you can download the track in WAV. 

You will also receive a proof of license and an invoice for the license fee in case it was a paid license. You can find an overview of your Music Library licenses on the ‘ML Licenses’ page in ‘My Collabhouse’.

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