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Collabhouse Copyright Policy

Collabhouse is a new collab-house for independent artists, influencers and other Content Creators to empower them to distribute their music directly to music services and social media platforms, to promote themselves and their music and to find, connect and collaborate with other creators to promote content.

Collabhouse respects the rights of creators and copyright owners at all times. We expect all users of the Collabhouse Service to respect these rights too.

In this copyright policy (“Copyright Policy”) we explain how to contact us if you find any content on the Collabhouse Service that you believe violates your copyright. You can report copyright infringement to us using one of the methods described below.

Before you report any possible copyright infringement to us, we ask you to first consider the following:

  • This Copyright Policy only relates to reporting (alleged) copyright infringement, if you wish to report a violation of any other rights or our Code of Conduct, please send an email to:
  • You can only report to us (alleged) copyright infringements of your own copyright or that of someone on whose behalf you may act. If you think that someone else's copyright is being infringed, please inform that person and refer him / her to this page;
  • Only report a (alleged) copyright infringement if you have a genuine and substantiated complaint.
  • Please provide as part of your report as much as information as you can about the (alleged) copyright infringement, including information reasonably sufficient to allow us to locate the material;
  • Please include in your report your full name, your address, telephone number and email address at which you may be contacted;

If you find any content on the Collabhouse Services that you believe violates your copyright, you can report it to us by;

Collabhouse B.V.
Legal Department
Koninginneweg 9
1217 KP, Hilversum
The Netherlands